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Die Cutting

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Die Cutting NYC

There are many printing effects that can make your printing project stand out from the crowd. Die cutting is one such unique effect that will set the project apart. Die cutting is generally used in industry to cut shapes into flat and thin material. In our case that material would be paper. Think of it as a giant cookie cutter, cutting our desired shapes with sharp-edged dies into paper. It is perfect to cut shapes into large number of material easily. But it can also be used in short runs as well.

There are nearly limitless shapes that can be created that can go perfectly with your printing project. Circles, squares, curves, rounded corners or complex shapes like cars or houses can be used for the project. The crisp look and smooth edges that die cutting can achieve to create a distinct look is something that simply cannot be achieved by standard methods.

Advantages of Die Cutting

Uniformity: All the shapes cut will be exactly the same as they are based on the shape of the die
Speed: Die cutting is really fast and your printing project is done in very less amount of time
Less Waste: It creates less amount of waste than other cutting methods as it is a precise process

At Rush Flyer Printing, our professional staff and state of the art technology can give your printing job a unique look. We use sophisticated die cutting machines that can cut even the most complex of shapes. We are constantly trying to improve on our services and we wish to make our customers experience hassle free. We offer the best possible support to our customers so that their printing jobs get done smoothly. We offer services like brochure printing, banner printing, flyer printing, business card printing and more at wholesale prices. Get in touch with us for die cutting services in New York City.

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