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See how direct mail printing can help your business.

Our direct mail printing programs have been uniquely designed to help NYC businesses during these difficult times. Try the proven marketing strategy that brings guaranteed results. We’ve put together 3 custom packages for you to get started with direct mail printing. Our programs are easy to begin, with our 3-step process:

Step 1: Choose the package (amount of postcards) you need
Step 2: Choose a custom mailing list
Step 3: Choose a design


6 x 9 Postcards

Includes printing, postage & mailing

Total Package:


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6 x 9 Postcards

Includes printing, postage & mailing

Total Package:


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6 x 9 Postcards

Includes printing, postage & mailing

Total Package:


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Direct Mail Printing

2 Day Turnaround

Full production in only 2 days

Low Cost

50% OFF our regular pricing

Best results

Direct Mail offers higher ROI than digital marketing

Choose a verified direct mailing list.

Targeting the correct demographic is the difference between a successful campaign and a waste of time. We offer custom verified direct mail lists for any area, demographic and criteria you can imagine! Choose from a saturated list (sending to every address in a specific area code) or a targeted list (sending to customers of a specific criteria).

Direct Mail Targetting

Choose from a wide variety of targeted list criteria, including:

Exact Employee Size
Commercial Credit Score
Cottage Industry
Exact Sales Volume
Financial Stress Score
Franchise Indicator
Franchise Name
Gender of Contact
Import / Export Indicator
Job Titles
Legal Status
Non-Profit Indication
Owner’s Ethnicity
Owns / Rents Code
Public / Private Indicator
Small Business Indicator
UCC Filing Date
Veteran Owned
Women Owned Indicator

Available Home Equity
Delinquent Tax Indicator
Delinquent Tax Year
Fireplace or Garage
Heating & Cooling System
Home Market Value
Home Purchase Amount
Home Purchase Date
Housing Type
Interest Rate & Lender Type
Length of Residence
Loan Date & Loan Amount
Loan to Value Range
Number of Bedrooms
Number of Units
Owner Type
Square Footage
Year Built

Education Level
Ethnic Country
Exact Child Age
Household Income
Marital Status
Month of Birth
Number of Children
Presence & Age of Children
Voter Party Preference
Year of Birth

Credit Card Indicator
2nd, 3rd Mortgage Indicator
Credit Card Users
Discretionary Income
Economic Stability
Home Purchase Date
Home Purchase Month
Housing Type
Interest Rate & Lender Type
Investment Types
Loan Date & Loan Amount
Loan to Value Range
Modeled Credit
Net Worth
New Bank Card Issued
Owner Type
Wealth Percentile

Auto Make
Auto Model
Auto Year
Black Book Append
Blue Book Append
Email Append
Engine Block
Engine Cylinders
Engine Size
Individual Age/Gender
Last Seen Date
Luxury Vehicle
Marital Status
Presence of Children

Direct mail is time tested and effective ways to communicate with your customers. Your marketing strategy can make use of this highly targeted method to immediately gain your prospects attention. At Rush Flyer Printing we offer high-quality direct mail postcard printing services along with fast and affordable delivery to your clients. We offer three mailing programs that allow you to customize your messaging and target area.

Regular mailing program: Simply choose the quantity to print and your target locations and let us do the rest. We will ensure that your prints are consistent of high quality. We will mail your postcards on a weekly basis to provide you with a steady stream of customers throughout the year.
Birthday mailing program: We will acquire a relevant list of birthdays for your business. All you have to do is select the target radius. Our graphic designers will help you create personalized cards that will promote and build loyalty towards your brands.
New in neighbourhood program: Perfect for restaurants, local shops, landscapers and home service provides, this program will help you reach people who have just moved into the area. Just choose your target area and pick your budget. We will design a postcard that will attract new customers for your business and help you gain their loyalty.

At Rush Flyer Printing our speciality is printing club flyers, but we offer other printing services too like business card printing, envelopes printing, letterhead printing, door hanger printing, stickers printing and more. We even offer printing related services like binding, die cutting, spot UV coating, lamination, graphic design support and more. We offer our printing services at wholesale prices and offer shipping to all 48 of continental US states. Same day printing services are available to our clients from New York City, while same day store pick is available for customers from New Jersey and Long Island. Get in touch with us today to help with direct mail postcard printing in New York.

Improve your marketing strategy and surprise your customers with direct mail postcard printing. At Printing New York we offer not only high quality direct mail postcard printing but also quick and low-cost delivery to your clients.  Let us take the reigns on your next campaign. Choose one of our three programs, apply below on our quote form and we will design your artwork, print your mailing, prepare and execute a strategy that will suit best your business model.

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to gain new clients and to build a long term relationship with them. At Printing New York we offer 3 mailing programs that allow you to target your chosen area, choose the preferred mailing format and send a personalized message to your customers.

What is direct mail printing?

What is Direct Mail Marketing? Direct mail is the production and sending of promotional material by post. It involves researching the public, making lists and much more. Direct mail is available in several formats and usually includes an offer. It is not a form of marketing requested by the customer; they receive this ad in a “cold” way.

Who uses direct mail marketing?

Companies and organisations in various sectors use direct mail. Restaurants, grocery stores and car dealerships send out menus, coupons and promotions. Politicians, charities and non-profit groups send out donation letters, brochures and promotional cards. Even technology companies use direct marketing to achieve their goals. Any company selling a product or service is a good candidate for a direct mail campaign.

Does direct mail work?

It’s working! The upward trend in response rates observed over the years shows the effectiveness of direct mail. According to the DMA 2018 response rate report, direct mail received an impressive 9% (national lists) and 5% (prospectus lists). The response rate for direct mail is higher than for all digital mail as a whole. You can find out more about how amazing direct mail is in our article “Is Direct Mail Dead?” and infographies.

Saturation mailing lists

If you want to cover the majority of people in a geographical area, select a saturation list. With this type of mailing list, you will send mail to entire postal codes or to carrier routes. Saturation lists have several addressing options, so the cost is low. Saturation lists must be in working order and comply with the 90/75 rule, which helps to reduce costs. Saturation lists can be rented to a broker or list provider.

Advantages of Saturation Lists

– Allows you to use the lowest postal tariffs
– Ideal for companies that offer the goods and services that most people need.
– Use average demographic data for your mail routes.
– Ideal for attracting large numbers of people and for advertising events, new places or products.
– USPS delivery options for your mail saturation.
– Marketing Mail
– All direct mail (EDDM®)

Targeted Address Lists

If you want to reach specific demographic data, select the mailing list. These lists can be filtered by geographical, demographic and psychological characteristics, among others. Since the target list uses selection to find the right audience, it costs more than a saturation list. You can rent a target list from a broker or list provider. You can also create and update your own mailing list.

Advantages of targeted lists

– Ability to segment the list by almost any criteria imaginable.
– Reaches a more specific and qualified audience
– Better potential response speed than using a saturation list for the same marketing.
– USPS delivery parameters for sending addresses
– First Class / Priority Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every door direct mail (EDDM) is an attractive and affordable advertising targeting technique offered by United States Postal Service (USPS). Using this method you can target your marketing audience by age, income and even household size. The USPS then delivers your marketing postcards and other messaging to individual neighborhoods using their carrier routes. To take advantage of this service you do not require any special permits or the need to purchase mailing lists, making EDDM?s affordable.

Benefits of EDDM

You do not need to buy a mailing list, all you need to do is take advantage of USPS’s simplified address system
With EDDM you no longer require a permit to mail to a large number of households
EDDM’s help you reach a broad audience and help build more traffic and leads for your business

Rush Flyer Printing will help you with your EDDM project right from the start and will see to it that your postcards are delivered to the right household. All you have to do is choose the size of the postcard or flyer (sizes below) and your target audience. Our designers will help you come up with a perfect postcard or flyer for your business that is attractive and help you standout. Once the design is approved, we will print, stamp and ensure that your postcards reach your customer’s doors.

Postcard Sizes

11×17 flyers – perfect for promoting any business
8.5×11 postcards – great for maximising visibility
6.25×9 postcards – when you need a quality at reasonable cost
4.25×11 postcards – budget friendly option that delivers results

At Rush Flyer printing we offer a number of printing services like banner printing, postcard printing, envelope printing, catalog printing and more. We even offer printing related services like die cutting, edge painting, graphic design support and embossing. We use latest technology and state of the art equipment to provide high-quality printing at reasonable prices. We offer shipping to all 48 of the US states. Get in touch with us today, and we will help you out with taking advantage of USPS?s every door direct mail service.

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