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If you are ready to place your order, please read the step by step instructions below. We have explained our order system in a few simple steps! If you have difficulty placing an order on our site, please feel free to contact us, and a print specialist will help you immediately!

If you are ready to place order now and have read the simple instructions:

Step by Step Ordering Instructions

Step 1: Select Your Product

The first step in our ordering process is to click your product you desire on the left hand side of our webpageÿsection.

If you do not see a specific product that you are interested in, please click request print quote for a custom quote.

Step 2: Select Your Size & Coating

On your specific product page, there is a pricing table that lists all prices up to 10,000 pieces. If you desire a higher or lower quantity, click the “place order” button for your the size that you are interested in.

Step 3: Select Your Quantity

Pick your quantity. If you are interested in reading specific information regarding the product you are looking at, click the product name on the left.ÿ If you do not see a specific quantity that you are interested in please click on the Custom Quote form here.ÿ We offer bulk/run pricing for large orders so call us today!

Step 4: Select Your Options

We offer a variety of options for each product, including 24 hour rush,folds,and coatings if neccessary. When you have completed picking your options, click add to basket!

Step 5: Click Check Out

Once you have your options and have added to basket, the next step is to confirm and check out your order.

Step 6: Login or Set-Up an Account

If you have not ordered with us before, please click on the left side of the page to set up an account.

Don’t worry!

Your order is still saved (unless you travel away from our webpage).

Step 7: Choose Your Shipping Options

Please double check your shipping address to make sure that it is correct. If you would like to ship to another location, or have special shipping instructions, please put them in the additional comments form below.

Step 8: Enter Payment Information

We offer a variety of payment options including Visa / Mastercard / American Express. If you would like to pay by phone, or by check please click the option. Please note that your order will not print or ship without payment. If you have any special instructions regarding artwork, payment, or shipping, you may put them below under additional comments.

Step 9: Confirm Order!

This is the last step before uploading your files! Please triple check your order for accuracy. We can not be responsible for shipping instructions that are incorrect.

Please confirm your order product and quantity. Also, please read the conditions of ordering with our company, and agree to them before placing your order.

Step 10: Upload Files

This is the most overlooked step of our customers! Once you have placed your order, please be sure to upload your files! This page will take you to the final step of the uploading process. If you do not have your artwork ready for printing, you may click on re-submit files under your account menu at a later time. If you are ordering design, please click “I need to design” to go the design page.

Confirm Artwork Upload

Simply fill out the form, including your name and email address, or Order number if you have one. Lastly, just browse for your files! Pleaseÿ know that depending on your connection, it will possibly take quite a long time for your files to be uploaded to our server. Please be patient and do not travel away from the webpage! Once it is completed, you will receive a confirmation!

That’s It!