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Large Poster Printing

Posters are a great way to get the word out there for your event, important messages or even your product release. A high quality large poster printing campaign can easily grab the attention of the masses to ensure the success of your event. Its main purpose is to deliver a short and precise message and divert the masses towards you. Rush Flyer Printing offers large poster printing services that will ensure that our quality printed posters help you stand out from the competition and get you noticed.

The posters printed by Rush Flyer Printing are bold and printed on a high quality 100lb gloss premium text paper stock. We offer a number of types of poster printing and services like dry erase poster, mounted posters, large format posters and even offer same day printing service for posters. Our offset printing capabilities allow us to print posters up to a size of 26″x39″.

At Rush Flyer Printing, we ensure that your posters are printed with quality and are delivered to you in a short turnaround time. Our digital and offset printing capabilities ensure that your poster printing project is completed efficiently and at affordable wholesale price. Apart from poster printing, we also offer a variety of printing services like brochure printing, banner printing, catalog printing, sign printing, sticker printing, envelop printing and much more. We even provide printing related services like large format printing, die cutting, foil stamping, embossing, vinyl banners, bunting, silk screen printing, graphic design support and mailing services.

At Rush Flyer Printing, we are constantly striving to provide our customers with superior service. Our aim is to provide you with a hassle free and convenient printing experience. Have a look at our products and services and get in touch with us for superior customer experience and quality printing jobs in Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey and Long Island. We ship to all 48 of the continental US states.

What are Wheatpaste Posters?

Wheatpaste posters are a thin paper printed poster that is applied to outdoor walls and surfaces using a homemade glue mixture called wheatpaste. You can make posters, drawings and paintings on paper and apply them to walls with glue. Many people, from underground activists and street artists to concert promoters*, use wheatpaste to glue their posters to any walls. It is a cheap and effective method of disseminating images and ideas. Below are two recipes – both well dosed and heated, making the paste stronger and softer. The first is a small batch. The second is a large batch. You can always double or triple the recipes. That’s quite forgivable. If you think it came out watery, just add a little white or wood glue.

Wheatpaste Recipe

– flour ( wheat works better )
– sugar
– water
– covered container

Tips for applying wheatpaste posters

Many different types of paper will work for wheatpaste posters, but know that at Rush Flyer Printing, our wheatpaste posters are made from durable, outdoor paper stocks making it perfect for the quick application of wheatpaste and mounting to outdoor walls. While putting up, put a layer of wheatpaste on the wall surface, then your image, then another layer of paste (some people prefer not to put on this top layer, but it will be more water resistant and durable if you do). Press down firmly.

  • Use a wide 6-8″ brush.
  • Wet the wall with paste, then smooth this paste out with smooth final strokes, removing large drops and pieces (this is dirty, so use old clothes).
  • Fix the upper part of the image, keeping the lower part away from the wall. It helps to have a friend. (You can also turn it around for larger images).
  • Get a brush and coat it thickly in wheatpaste. Pass the brush directly through the center of the image outwards while dropping the poster to the wall.
  • Wet the brush back with the insert and paint from the outside from the center, working to remove the wrinkles in the poster. Do this quickly, as the paper may begin to distort if you don’t wet it quickly enough.
  • Make sure that the whole top is covered with paste, then smooth everything out with uniform strokes in one direction, removing any excess paste. It should be wet, not thick.

Think about choosing a place that is already labeled or in an advertisement. Normal citizens are less concerned about you hitting these places.

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