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Looking for ways to print flyers cheap in NYC? Flyer are a dynamic way to give any advertising campaign an extra “wow” factor! Flyers are the right and reliable way to create an image of your business, advertise your message, support an upcoming event, promotion, club party, concert or for hundreds of other purposes. Online flyer printing helps you receive your message quickly for maximum effect and convenience, while managing your budget at a price anyone can afford. So whether you want to go big and bright or small but highly effective, you’ve come to the right place. Your next event or promotion will certainly be a success with our easy-to-use brochures.

What’s a flyer?

A flyer is usually an unwrapped printed sheet that is used to draw attention to an event, service, product or idea. A flyer usually contains a very simple message that can be transmitted quickly. The brochure is usually printed on 8.5 x 11 inch paper to keep its cost down, although brochures can be created in any size that is easy to work with. In addition, printing is usually done on one side of the paper, although there is no law against printing leaflets on both sides.

Depending on how they are used, flyers are sometimes called leaflets, inserts or circulars. They are usually distributed by hand wherever customers or people gather or pass by, such as at an exhibition or other popular place. In addition, leaflets can be folded and sealed as self-opening leaflets (the so-called “mailbox”) or attached to an envelope. Leaflets can be printed in any ink color, although the most popular is color printing, as the purpose of the leaflet is to be seen and read.

A flyer is usually relatively short-lived, for example, it is used to announce a unique event, such as a grand opening or a special promotion. Thus, the paper used in the flyers does not have to be thick. However, the brochure can be printed on thicker paper to make it more durable if it contains information that will be mentioned repeatedly, for example when used as a product specification or instruction.

How many pages does the flyer have to be?

As a rule, flyers are printed on only one side of the paper and not both. Brochures are available in various sizes. In most cases it is standard size paper, which has been folded two or three times to create four to six panels or pages; therefore it may contain much more information.

Why flyers are important in marketing

Do you think the flyers are old-fashioned? Think again! Leaflets are important in marketing. Although we may be living in the age of high-tech advertising, a modest flyer is still an invaluable tool for promotion.

There is a reason why we have used the same advertising technique for centuries. Flyer work! Whether you are a yoga teacher, a travel organizer or an entrepreneur, flyers are an effective way to get your message across to people. Are you considering printing your own Flyers? Here are some reasons why flyers play an important role in marketing.

1) Flyers are cheap.

Flyers are extremely profitable. Instead of redesigning your website, paying for advertising space or diving into the expensive offline media world, flyers have an incredibly high return on investment. Do you know how to create an effective brochure? Ask for help! Professionally designed flyers are cheaper than you think, and your printing costs a penny.

2) They have a high return on investment for a small effort.

Spend some time thinking about where your audience spends their time, and then move! You’ll be surprised how many cafés, shops, gyms, restaurants, schools and other companies will help you connect with potential customers. Ask popular local places to put up one of your flyers, then sit back and wait for the magic to happen.

Developing an attractive and convincing brochure requires a certain level of planning. Don’t forget to sit down with a colleague to reflect on what a good flyer will look like. Aspire to create what is known as “straw drawing”. This is a rough description of what the brochure should look like and what marketing copy it should contain.

3) They get attention

Brochures are still important in the world of advertising because people actually read them. When you have a ton of ads that disrupt the site, it is very possible that potential customers will not notice your ads, even if they are well done. And let’s not even start with advertising blockers!

Imagine how you go to your favorite cafe and see a colorful and magnificent brochure placed right at eye level while you wait for the cafe. You’ll definitely notice that. Imagine walking into a gym locker room and seeing a fantastic flyer on your way to the shower. You could stop and take a look.

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