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Say hello in style. Season greetings never felt so luxurious or sophisticated as they do now with our velvet laminated greeting cards - a journey for the senses that gets you -and your brand- remembered. With the texture of a soft peach, these greeting cards shiver-triggering talking points that won’t go unnoticed.

To achieve this effect, we take a 16 pt card stock and apply a 1.5 mil soft velvet laminate layer that is scrape, scratch and scuff resistant. The result is a suede feeling 19 pt greeting card with a unique soft and supple look and feel, that’s actually thicker than most options out there. If the look you are going for is subtle, professional and elegant, then our line of velvet greetings cards is what you have been waiting for.

Stand Out - the right way!

What drives most consumers to choose one brand over another? With so many strong competitors popping up every day, business owners spend countless hours trying to figure just how the be ‘chose one’. And many of those times the way they choose to stand out is far more detrimental to their image than doing nothing at all. Velvet greeting cards are a risk-free way to get noticed: there’s nothing regrettable about coming across as sophisticated, exclusive or elegant.

There are many companies offering nearly identical products, what sets one business apart from the other often times comes down to an emotional connection that comes from experiences, give them just that with a custom printed greeting card that’s a journey for the senses.

Business greeting card rules to live by

Sending out business greeting cards is not at all like sending out cards to friends and family. Although you want to make them personal, you do not want them to offend or appear unprofessional in nature. For holiday greetings, remember to avoid any religious sentiments. Steer clear of humor since it is difficult to predict what others find funny. The last thing you want is to upset your customers.

We suggest creating a general pre-printed message for your cards and then hand writing personal notes inside each one. Whether you are sending your velvet greeting cards to existing customers, potential customers or suppliers, adding a handwritten note with a personal message regarding a specific occurrence demonstrates your appreciation for their business. Remember to make every effort to leave a signed signature on each card; a pre-printed signature leaves your greeting card feeling cold and impersonal.

Greeting Cards - Not just for holidays

Have you ever wanted to go the extra mile with your loyal clients? Of course, that’s why it’s not only a nice but smart business move to send them birthday greetings. Design a velvet custom greeting card that is non-gender specific. Remember to keep the printed message simple and neutral in order to not insult anyone.

Keep a record of everyone’s birthday and send yourself a reminder at least a week in advance in order for them to be received on time. Before sending them off in the mail, sit down and take a moment to write a kind message and personally sign it.

Best Business Practices for Greeting Cards:

We understand the urge to sell is always in your bones, but at all costs avoid turning your personalized velvet greeting cards into a marketing campaign. Do not add coupons or announce upcoming events or products. Doing this will diminish the effectiveness of the greeting card and transform what should be a genuine note of thanks into a ploy for more business.

Although the majority of your daily correspondence is done via email, this is not the way to go during the holidays or for occasions that require a note of congratulations.

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