Embossing uses special kind of plates to raise a portion of the paper in shape of a given design. It gives your stationary a more elegant look. The three-dimensional effect that it creates is eye catching and makes your stationary stand out from the crowd. The dies for embossing are typically made from copper or brass. It has a reversed image of the desired design on it. This die is then pressed on to the media and the embossed effect is created.

Embossing adds a touch of luxury and individuality to your stationary. Elements like texts, designs or shapes can be embossed. It is perfect to make the logos or important details like names on your stationary more prominent.  Embossing can be blind, which means that the paper is simply raised. Metallic foil or ink can also be added to it to give it a more opulent look. Embossing can work well with the following products:

•    Business Cards
•    Letterheads
•    Envelopes
•    Brochures
•    Folders
•    Postcards
•    Invitations
•    Certificates
•    Greeting Cards

At Rush Flyer Printing we offer high quality embossing services. We use cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment to offer you printing services at affordable rates. Our staff is highly experienced and is here to help you out with any of your printing and embossing requirements.

We, at Rush Flyer Printing are continuously looking to improve ourselves. We aim to make your printing experience easier and hassle free. We offer the best possible support to each of our clients to make their experience with us a pleasant one. Our printing expertise includes flyers printing, brochure printing, business cards printing, banner printing, signs printing and much more. We also offer printing related services like bunting, silk screen printing, bunting, mailing services and graphic design support. Get in touch with us today for your stationary embossing needs in New York City.




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