Offset Printing Services

Offset printing, known also as offset lithography, involves transferring of an image from a metal plate to a rubber blanket which then prints it on the final surface. This type of printing is widely used in printing in large quantities. Magazines, newspapers, catalogs and books use this printing method as it is ideal for large production runs.

Advantages of Offset Printing

Advantages of offset printing as compared to other printing methods are:
•    Ability to print high quality images and text consistently: As the rubber blanket can conform to the texture of the printing surface, the images and text printed using this method are cleaner and sharper.
•    Printing runs are fast and production is easy: It is faster than digital printing as large continuous rolls of paper can be fed to the machine. The metal plates can also be easily and quickly made for each printing job.
•    Affordable form of printing: It is the cheapest method to print in high quality. The unit cost can go down even further with larger quantities. 
•    Can be used to print on a variety of surfaces: Be it cloth, leather, metal, wood or normal paper, this printing method is perfect for most.

At Rush Flyer Printing, we use web offset printing. Through this kind of offset printing, we can print in huge quantities without compromising on the quality. It involves printing on a continuous roll of paper. The paper is separated after the printing is done. Its printing speed is about 50 feet of paper per second.
Rush Flyers Printing offers high quality printing solutions. We use the latest technology and state of the art equipment at affordable, wholesale price. We specialize in printing club flyers and we also offer a host of other printing services like banner printing, brochure printing, booklet printing, signs printing, business cards printing and much more. We also offer printing related services like large format printing, embossing, die cutting, bunting, silk screen printing, mailing services and graphic design support.

At Rush Flyer Printing, we strive to provide each of our customers with a hassle free and superior printing experience. We are continuously improving ourselves to provide our customers the best possible support for their printing jobs. Get in touch with us today for offset printing solutions in New York City.


Offset Printing Services 


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