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Spot UV Printing

Spot UV printing is a unique luxury effect for your cards.

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What is Spot UV Printing?

Spot UV printing is a popular technique that gives your stationary a more premium look. It is the application of UV coating to a specific area of the stationary. A spot UV coating is a tough coat that is applied over printed media and then dried using exposure UV light, hence the name. Primarily used as a design technique, spot UV coating adds depth and sheen on top of the printed media, giving it a unique look. This finishing effect is used in printing business cards for the eye catching look it gives to the media it is applied to.

Spot UV printing is a really simple process and hence is a popular choice in a variety of stationary. Promotional material like brochures, business cards, folders, leaflets, catalogs, etc look luxurious with the application of this finish. It can be applied either to one of the elements on the printed media like text, logo or images or it can be directly applied to the media to create a design on its own. Drying is instantaneous when the varnished area is exposed to the UV light. This is why spot UV printing can achieve high level of precision.

At Rush Flyer Printing, our professional staff is always happy to help you with your printing. We use state of the art technology that can give your printing job a unique look. We are constantly trying to improve our services and we wish to make our customers printing experience hassle free. We offer the best possible support to our customers so that their printing jobs get done smoothly. We offer services like brochure printing, banner printing, flyer printing, business card printing and more at wholesale prices. We ship to all 48 of the continental US states. Get in touch with us for spot UV coating services in New York City.

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