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5 Tips for Printing Flyers this Holiday Season

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet useful tool to market your products and services, look no further than flyers. Whether it is a company event, sales promotion or product launch, with flyers, dont compromise and get the bang for your buck! With the holiday season right around the corner, everyone will be rushing to get their flyers printed. Here are a few tips for printing flyers that will not only stand out but make people go, ‘WOW!’

1. Colors are Important

The holidays are a time when everyone is trying to get the customer’s attention. This is the reason why it is essential that your flyer catches the customer’s attention and drives him to your business. The traditional festive colors will be everywhere. Using non-traditional colors will help you stand out. Using cool blue colors would go perfectly with the winter theme. Using color combinations like white and brown, yellow and black, violet and white, gold and white are some great examples of steering away from the mundane. Such out of the ordinary colour schemes for holiday themed flyers can have a strong impact at a time when people are bombarded with the red, green and white of regular holiday designs.

Christmas Colors | Rush Flyer Printing

2. Tell a Story

The festive season is for families and friends to come together and share stories. Why not use a flyer to tell your brand’s story? Every brand has its own unique story and can be appealing to your customers. Telling your brands story through your creative will help forge everlasting bonds between you and your customers.

3. Get your Flyers to Drive Online Traffic

Most businesses have an online or social media presence. Adding a layer of interactivity to your flyers will ensure you receive your customer’s attention. Using flyers to drive traffic to your Facebook page or your website using a strong call-to-action could lead to a potential boost in your sales. Have QR codes printed on your flyers that your customers can just scan with their smartphones to drive to your website or social media page. A simple and easy to remember URLcan also do wonders!

Christmas Flyers | Rush Flyer Printing

4. More Visual Information

Create as much visual information as possible. People are in a hurry and do not always read everything presented to them. Representing your message with visual data will help your customers quickly understand the information and help retain the message for a few more days.

5. Keep it Simple

Try not to cram designs and creatives in a simple flyer. A simple and clear message has a higher chance of converting than an overly complicated creative with too many distractions. Keeping a minimalist design and getting straight to the point will help you deliver your message precisely to the customer.

This festive season, make sure your flyers are attractive and help your business generate the leads it desires. Keeping these simple tips in mind will boost your business. So, why not connect with a printer who can bring your ideas to life on paper? Rush Flyer Printing uses only the best equipment to print your projects. Get in touch with us today for printing in New York City, Long Island and New Jersey.

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