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6 Restaurant Menu Design Tips

Running a successful restaurant is not an easy task. You need to pay constant attention to the food, ambience and customers. An impressive menu can easily tie all these variables together and help your restaurant be successful. So, why treat your menu’s design as an afterthought? Take charge of your menu design and create an impactful tool by keeping in mind the following restaurant menu design tips.

Tips for Restaurant Menu Design

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Organize Your Content

Some restaurants go overboard and load up the menus with a lot of text, information and pictures. This may overwhelm the customer. On the other hand, some restaurants provide little content. This may lead to the customer losing interest in the menu, or you may miss out on giving away critical information. This is why you always organize your content, before designing the menu, in such a way that the information is neither overwhelming nor too little.

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Create Multiple Menus

Promote your restaurant’s specials by creating separate inserts that go along with your regular menus. Fresh and unique items are what sell and with these inserts you do not need to keep changing your menu to include them. You can even create a separate menu which focuses on your premium items that boost your bottom line.

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Use High Contrast Colors

Use high contrast colors to make your menus pop. Choose colors that will complement your restaurant’s interiors and lighting. This will not only make your menu more attractive but also solidify your brand to the customers.

Use High-quality Photographs

Professionally clicked, high-resolution photographs of your menu items are guaranteed to attract customers. A low-quality photograph of the food will just make the customer lose interest.

Use Custom Printing Effects

Special effects make your menus stand out. They leave a lasting impression on your customer’s mind and help your brand look more premium. There are various custom printing effects that you can use on a menu like spot UV coating, foil stamping, embossing/debossing, die cutting or using metallic inks.

Order Professionally Printed Menus

A top-notch, professionally printed menu is guaranteed to make an impactful impression on your customers. Let a professional printing house take care of your menu printing needs. With professional digital printing, resolutions are better, colors pop, and just the overall quality is far superior to your home or office printers.

At Rush Flyer Printing, we will help you through every step of the way of creating a beautiful and professionally printed menu that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. For all your printing needs, get in touch with us today!

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