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EDDM Postcards – The Definitive Guide to Postcard Printing Marketing

EDDM Postcards – The Definitive Guide to Postcard Printing Marketing

We received many questions about the official US Postal Service program “Every door in the direct mail”, which is popularly shortened to “EDDM”. EDDM Postcards printing is a kind of mailing list. And that’s why it’s so attractive; because it’s:


The cheapest on the market, actually, when it comes to mail. (And, for the record, the US Postal Service sets the price of postal services. Dot.) So, uh…: With a price of only $0.187 each for EDDM mail services, saved business owners are often attracted to this type of mail. And if you compare it to first-class mail – about $0.11 each on a standard 4.25″ x 6″ postcard – who wouldn’t find EDDM attractive?

But, of course, it’s a comparison of two opposite ends of the spectrum. There are many shades of grey when it comes to mailing lists. EDDM works perfectly in some companies – but it doesn’t work at all.

To find out what camp your business is likely to go to, you have to look at the pros and cons…

EDDM Postcards Printing Pros

With EDDM, you can fully cover a certain area with your postcards in exchange for the lower postal fees I mentioned above. Part of the name “Each Door” means exactly that: Each door within the designated USPS area will receive your postcards. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, if your business is in one of these industries, EDDM can work fantastically…

– Retail trade.
– Cheap restaurants
– Laundries
– Displacement/storage
– Halls/spa
– Gymnasiums
– Automatic repair
– That’s what these businesses have in common:

Almost everyone, at some point, will need these products or services. That’s why delivering this marketing message to every door and every person makes sense. Usually, customers looking for the above services turn to companies that are very close to where they live. This makes the EDDM postal service discount rate very important when you need to enter every home around your business with your postcards.

Why not?

Well, the downside is this…

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EDDM Postcards Printing Cons

Limited targeting means you can pay to achieve an unqualified future.

Regardless of the postal savings potential, spending money on sending cards to potential unqualified customers who will probably never be bought from you means one thing: you have already wasted your money. The only way to accurately achieve your ideal prospects – that is, the people who are most likely to call, buy and stay with you – is this: direct mail to your target audience.

Here are some of the industries that benefit most from direct mailing lists:

– Dental and Orthodontic Services
– Renovation of the house
– Roof
– Dear Restaurants
– Private Schools
– Financial services
– Brokers and real estate investors
– Veterinary Services
– CPA / tax preparation
– Medical services (ophthalmological, hearing, therapists, etc.).
– Mortgage
– Daycare services
– Tutorials and classes
– Swimming pool and lawn maintenance

So if you know that most of your best customers fit a specific profile, for example:

– They achieve a certain level of income.
– They have children and/or children of a certain age.
– They are within a certain age range.
– They have owned their house for several years.
– They own a certain type of house (multi-level, apartment, etc.).
– Or maybe there are certain elements in their house (like a swimming pool).

Then you may want to choose a destination mailing list. This way you will only pay to reach people whose demographics match that of your ideal customers. These are the people most likely to call and buy from you. Do you know who your ideal customer is? Here’s how you can find out: The best place to start is with your existing customer database. Make a list of your best customers or all the customers who have been asking for help in recent years. (Going back too far may lead to less accurate data.) Then work with a company that can process data and add demographic information to each person on your list.

You submit your list and the company that makes the list will inform you of each client’s age, income bracket, marital status and more – you request the data and the data will be provided. And yes – Rush Flyer Printing can do it for you. This is important because you will have a deeper and more complete picture of who your clients are. So I definitely suggest that you accept this offer for you!

Real State Eddm Preview Set 1

Even on low budgets, EDDM can be done by yourself

If that’s the case, and access to every home and business in a certain area is possible for your business, then I say, “Go ahead. I’d rather you did any kind of marketing than nothing. You will have to send more than 200, but no more than 5000 cards a day, and no special permission is required to send.

The USPS site even allows you to do it yourself. You can download their EDDM user guide here. Be warned:

The user guide consists of 33 pages and EDDM is not a small thing – but as I said, sometimes money is scarce compared to time. If your business is in one of the industries I mentioned above (retail, catering, dry cleaning, etc.) EDDM offers you a less expensive way to get a perspective in your area, especially if you are marketing very locally and don’t need to reach a large area.

Photoshop Postcards

How to Create an EDDM Campaign – A Simple Guide

Once the logistics and targeting associated with EDDM® is understood, the final component for a positive ROI is the actual composition of the part. The design process can be a ship in rocky waters, so it is best to keep in mind some of the best practices to make this project fast and on track to the limits.

Design. Use a strong creative direction, using simple colors paired with various attractive shades such as metallic or chrome. Use design features that are memorable to the touch, such as raised cardboard or gloss finish. While a full color product will cost a little more, the effect can significantly outweigh the price difference. Things like high-resolution images, bold colors and clean printing create a high-strength piece that will stand out in the mail. Remember, if it looks nude and uneven, then your mailbox can be designed for piles of junk.

Copywriting. Even with a large card, every word counts. Think of a concise, memorable and convincing copy. Use bold, active language that draws readers to what you sell or offer. Activate their minds to take decisive action. Provide enough information for them to learn, to keep their perspective in the loop, and leave them with something memorable. Make it active or give the reader a task, such as applying a coupon code or signing up for promotional discounts. Or, if you’re online, take them to your site, giving them a welcome discount code.

Results Tracking. Being able to measure your EDDM campaign by tracking your gross response rate is the best and most accurate way to prove the success of your campaign. Do you want them to call your company? Come to your store on a specific day for sale? Or do you want them to find you online? The best way to prove the success of your campaign is to make a call to customer service. Here are some ways to track your campaign:

– Your phone number. If you choose to add a phone number with tracking functionality, your marketing team will be able to track incoming calls recorded to your tracking number. Number tracking helps you measure which offer generates the most responses, how many responses a particular mailer receives, what time of day you receive the most calls, and how your team handles incoming calls.

– Site URL: Adding something like a URL site is a reliable way to track visitors to your site who may want to book professional services or make reservations. Whether you are a restaurant or offer salon and spa services, this is the best call to action! Attracting your customer in your mailbox will lead them to your website. Offering a discount coupon code for salon services will encourage your customer to bring them to your website to schedule a meeting. If you are a new restaurant in the neighborhood, your postman can offer a discount on your first course if you represent the postman or book a table. Postmen who offer goods and services are always successful.

– QR Code: An increasingly popular CTA route is the Quick Response Code (QR), which is scanners friendly on most smartphones. You can paste these smart codes into your mailbox to connect someone’s mobile device to your business. QR codes often contain data that, once the scanned data is connected to the device, are tracked and taken to a website or application that contains a suggestion from a mail agent. In conclusion, QR Codes are a faster way to attract consumers to your website with minimal effort and increase the overall conversion rate.

The ability to prove and improve your marketing costs is an important component. Special offers, QR codes and dedicated URLs are all viable ways to track your campaign and strengthen your multi-channel strategy with the ability to track whether or not consumers are converting. Depending on your chosen strategy, make sure your message is clear and direct so customers know exactly what to do and where to find it.

Measure How Your Customers React

In preparation for your next campaign, the best course of action is to measure the effectiveness of your previous EDDM campaign. Using various tracking tactics, such as Google Analytics, you can track your campaign’s response speed using any of the methods we mentioned above. According to the Direct Marketing Association in targeted mail houses, response rates are 9% and 5%, which is higher than email, paid search, online marketing combined.

If you need help with your next EDDM Postcards marketing campaign, talk to one of our expert printing team today!

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