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Print Marketing Strategies to Try in 2024

Print Marketing Strategies to Try in 2024

With the New Year, a host of new opportunities arrive and with them new challenges. Make sure your print marketing strategy is ready for any challenge and can take full advantage of all the new opportunities the New Year will throw at your business. Below are a few print marketing strategies to try in 2020.

Update Brand Collateral

The New Year is a great time to review your company’s collaterals and think of updating their designs that follow the latest design trends. Consider upgrading the designs for business cards, brochures, folders, sales sheets and more especially if they have been the same for a long time.

New Print Marketing Materials

Consider using new print marketing materials that you may have overlooked last year. Greeting cards and postcards are great to promote your products and services, flyers to promote events, stickers to boost your branding and direct mail catalogs to reach old and new audiences are just some of the examples of marketing materials that you may have overlooked.

Don’t Miss Out on Outdoor Marketing

Large format vinyl banners, billboards, posters, wall graphics, car wraps and more are excellent print marketing materials. Promoting products and services with outdoor media ensures that you are reaching a wide audience.

Combine Your Digital and Print Media Campaigns

Both print and digital media have an essential place in your marketing strategy. There are audiences out there who prefer one form over the other so why not combine them to broaden your reach? QR codes, digital opt-ins for direct mail and variable printing are just a few ways in which you can combine both these strategies.

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