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We here at Rush Flyer Printing join the world in strongly and publicly condemning the violent invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Armed Forces. New York is home to the largest community of Ukrainians in the USA, with over 150,000 residents. We stand with our friends, brothers and sisters and our thoughts are with the Ukrainian citizens as they fight bravely for the sovereignty of their nation.

We stand for peace everywhere and against violence and oppression anywhere.

We send love and solidarity to all those affected by the hostilities.


What We Can Do

SOCIAL MEDIA: Use #StandWithUkraine in your social media posts and amplify the voices involved in and protesting against the invasion.

EDUCATE: Educate yourself about the situation and the impact of violence on Human Rights and Children’s Rights.

ADVOCATE: Get in touch with your representatives and encourage them to call for non-violence and a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and support anti-occupation legislation.

DONATE: If you have the means to show financial solidarity, make sure you are donating to those directly impacted. Here are some examples of places you can donate.

National Bank of Ukraine Special Account to Raise Funds for Ukraine’s Armed Forces
Official Ukraine Crypto Account
Other charities (via the Washington Post)
Belgian Red Cross (Dutch)

Please contact our team if you require any printing products for your business to help show our solidarity for Ukraine. We are able to print Ukranian flags, posters & more items that may be needed to help bring awareness here in the USA.

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