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Unique Cannabis Packaging

Unique Cannabis Packaging

Getting the packaging for your medical marijuana products right is just as vital as your product. After all, it is through packaging that you can get your message across to your clients. Not only will it serve as the voice of your product but the right custom cannabis packaging will communicate the product’s safety. Rush Flyer Printing will help you create unique cannabis packaging solutions that are not only compliant with all state regulations and guidelines but also help give your brand a unique identity.

Compliant Cannabis Packaging

As the cannabis industry grows, so do the regulations. We ensure that all the state guidelines are followed for cannabis labelling and packaging. It is essential that these packages are child-resistant, tamper proof or tamper evident, light-resistant and in a re-sealable container that minimizes oxygen exposure.

Child-Resistant Cannabis Packaging

The one place you do not want to fail compliance is meeting the child-resistant requirements for packaging. We offer many solutions for custom cannabis packaging to be child-resistant.

Tamper Proof or Tamper Evident Cannabis Packaging

Our cannabis packaging solutions can help you quickly identify unauthorized access. Thus ensuring that the product is not tampered with and the orders reach their destinations interference free. Earn your clients trust with our marijuana packaging solutions.

Moisture, Heat and Light Resistant Cannabis Packaging

Marijuana can be very sensitive to moisture, heat and light. Exposure to these outside elements can damage the product and thus it is necessary to have packaging resistant to such forces.

Rush Flyer Printing is an online wholesale printing company located in New York City. We are experts in fast and affordable printing services and offer a variety of printing-related products and services. We pride ourselves on providing a superior printing experience to our customers. For unique cannabis printing solutions, connect with us in New York City today.

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